Hello! I'm Paul, and I'm running to be your state representative for District 18. Rural Iowans want a legislator they can trust. That's why I stood up to special interests--including my own state party--by refusing to sacrifice my independence and good judgement for big campaign contributions. I'll represent YOU in Des Moines. And the only oath I'll swear is the oath of office.

Here is what we are already doing:

*Running a low-cost, high-impact campaign

*Running a positive campaign focused on key issues

*Uniting Iowans together

Here is what we are going to do in the Iowa State House:

*Work with Republicans, Independents, and Democrats to solve issues

*Rebuild our roads and bridges

*Build a stronger rural mental health network

*Connect rural areas to affordable high-speed internet

*Improve teaching & learning programs in preK-12 schools

*Help colleges & universities remain elite and affordable

*Save Iowans from unnecessary regulations & local tax raises

Candidates don't win elections. Campaigns win elections. Join

our campaign today! Together, we will build a better



Listen to our campaign podcast to learn more about Paul and our campaign for a better Iowa!

Upcoming Events



Paul and his friends and family are knocking on doors in your neighborhood. This is a great chance to learn about our vision for improving our state. We hope to see you soon!